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By | April 16, 2015

Do you have a costume for the Halloween party? Why don’t you try to be different this time and wear something cool and funky. If you want a Rocking Costume, Punk Halloween Costume is the best choice!

Those who want to have Punk Halloween Costume have a lot to choose from these days. They make these costumes for kids, teens, and adults. There are even options available in plus sizes.

Here are some suggestions for Punk Halloween Costumes:

Child Punk Zombie Costume

Boys who want to wear Halloween punk costumes can get a Punk Zombie Child Costume, which comes in medium and large child sizes. The costume consists of a half mask with spikes coming out of the top of it and a black jacket with an attached molded zombie chest. Those who want to add accessories to the costume can get a corded skull necklace, an axe blade bass guitar, and Shazam black child boots for an extra charge

Child / Tween Skulls and Stars Punk Costume

Tweens can also get punk costumes, including the Skulls and Stars Tween Costume. This is a punk fairy costume that consists of a black dress with crinolines and a silver star design, matching wings, and black and gray striped leggings. The dress and wings have pink trim, and there is a pink belt and choker to complete the look.

.Adult Plus Treasure Hunt Pirate Costume

The Treasure Hunt Pirate Plus Adult Costume is a cool option for larger women. This costume includes a red off the shoulder shirt with a black lace up peasant dress. The laces are pink, and there is a pink skull aplique on the skirt. Also included is a matching pair of striped underwear with a skull on the rear that matches the one on the skirt. You can get mesh stockings and sexy knee high boots to go with it if you would like to accessorize a bit more.

Adult Funky Punk Witch Costume

The costume consists of a witches hat with a skull design near the brim, wristlets made of black mesh with skull bows near the elbows, a dress that has a black top with a skull design and a black and white gingham skirt. You can get witch shoes, a feather sparkle broom, and a skull purse to accessorize your outfit for a little bit extra.

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