UK Classic Rock Roll of Honor Awards (Entertainment Daily News)

By | February 15, 2014

UK Classic Rock Roll of Honor Awards (Entertainment Daily News)

US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Entertainment Daily News)
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25 thoughts on “UK Classic Rock Roll of Honor Awards (Entertainment Daily News)

  1. carl fulton

    Morello being a huge Rush fan surprises me. His style is so unusual.?

  2. Frank Ball

    While people were watching a kiss ass show of half talent on Billboards
    which the only highlights were people booing JB(YES!) and Prince ending the
    show (only full talent on there) I was watching this: Full wall to wall
    pure talent with the favs RUSH. Regardless what people think of RR Fame
    their was talent. And best speech ever by Alex Leifson! (its on YT)?

  3. roman14032

    all these inductees are great,ut lets face it what rush has achived
    artisticly is on a whole other level then….well anybody

  4. zxcv1234vcxz

    The “band” (the most pretentious name ever) was Ronnie Hawkins’ backing
    band. Hawkins is an American who moved to Canada (why?) and gradually his
    band was replaced by Canadians, all of whom left at once to become “the
    band”. Hawkins was from Alabama, but has lived more than half his life in
    Ontario. Hawkins was to Canada what John Mayall was to England, a
    “finishing school” that many Ontario musicians went through such as Pat
    Travers (Mayall had Clapton, Peter Green, Gary Moore and others).

  5. SuperMegaUberGenius

    at approximately 2:03 the crowd gets uncomfortably close and sends my back
    into spasms…just like in KC.

  6. Don Collier

    Nice, Quincy Jones at 3:43 says he celebrated his Birthday with “My

  7. munsterr777

    YEAH, and I forgot Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Creedence Clearwater, and The Rolling

  8. jnilvr

    Absolutely thrilled to be alive to witness this last night via HBO. Rush
    just blew me away and opened up a treasure of discovery online today.
    Congrats to all the winners..the show was extraordinary…Albert King,
    Heart, Rush Quincy Jones…somehow the whole thing is happening exactly
    when it should despite how how long these inductions take. Clockwork Angels

  9. CountryHouseGent

    The RARHOF has got some credibility back by inducting Rush. Hope they don’t
    blow it by inducting Justin Booby or whatever he’s called.

  10. humanity6fl9

    one seems to forget, if the rock and roll hall of fame inducted everyone
    that should be in there all at once, what on earth would they celebrate
    every year. there’s something to be said about “building tension”. i get it
    now, only after watching my favorite get in.

  11. AudiophileTubes

    RUSH FOREVER! 52 years young here, and a huge fan since 1976! During my
    Senior year in high school, I proudly wore my “Permanent Waves” tour RUSH
    concert T-shirt to school, and I still have that shirt saved! Yes, it has
    been washed!

  12. BaMaFaNoW

    Deep Purple? Thin Lizzy? Iron Maiden? Kiss? Judas Priest? RONNIE JAMES DIO?
    I forgot Madonna, Run DMC, ABBA, Blondie, Prince, Micheal Jackson, Arethra
    Franklin, Stevie Wonder are so much more rock than the bands up ^ there.
    This is not a legitimate Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It is a popularity

  13. joshbove13

    BRING THE NOISE com’on they played with Anthrax and Zakk Wylde, you people
    are fucking stuck up. you know they love metal too not just rap.

  14. rusherman2112

    I AGREE 1000% , tHEIR influence on myself growing up (geddy lee for me)) &
    others in the 70’s 80’s 90’s 2000’s 2010.?? ,, it made me the bassist i am
    today ,,on my page my son recorded me playing a few songs a few years back,
    watch it, you’ll see how much i love this band & geddy as a bassist ..They
    are the best & always will be & i’m waiting to learn the next album Geddy ,
    bring it on, i know every song ,every album & love to just play it at home
    to the cd’s . Thats my high !!


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