War on Long Island: the clash of Brooklyn

By | September 30, 2016

Sitting in the nation of New York, Long Island – the world’s 149th main island and hometown to 7.5 million people – is also the view of the first foremost clash in the American Revolutionary War which followed the United States’ Declaration of Independence. You can discover more details here http://introductiontoliterature.com. The clash was also the main clash in the full conflict and the first that a United States multitude ever engaged in.

In protest 1776, George Washington, (who went on to become the first ever leader of the United States) motivated his troops to Long Island and New York City and set regarding reinforcing their defences there, anticipating an assail from British troops. Their intelligence had proved accurate; on the 22nd of dignified 1776, 15,000 British troops began to irritable The Narrrows to Brooklyn from Staten Island.

Much of the American insurgent might were undisciplined, untutored and unaccustomed to next tips from above, bountiful their British counterparts a considerable help. The British managed to manoeuvre their troops through unwary land and then dumbfound the Americans using unrelentless firing of their musket booster, from pillar after pillar awaiting they reached stab vary, at which meaning they exciting the American outline and engaged them in hand to hand combat. The Americans had little option under this form of open combat and chop back.

The British troops’ algebraic and tactical superiority served them well; the American rebels were harshly outnumbered, yet equipped to die for the cause; and die they did. After behind hundreds of troops in many skirmishes, Washington definite it was time to leave from Brooklyn while the roll was still blowing in his favour. As the drop lashed down and fog descended over the region, Washington worn the survive to conceal his retreat; in whole silence, nine thousand men, whole using their ammunition, arms, provisions, livestock and carriages rowed spanning the East canal. The full leave outfit took 13 hours, and was concluded excluding the shortfall of a specific man.

When the British troops marched up to Brooklyn Heights the next morning expectant to might the rebels into sellout, or kill them, they found nothing but a few clear dispense packs.

On September the 11th, 1776, the British accepted the demand of an American delegation to argue a treaty, but the harmony conference botched because the Americans refused to annul the Declaration of Independence. The British troops then lasting to move through Long Island, occupying citizen homes, farmsteads and even hotels in Westbury, Hempstead, Hicksville, and many other settlements.

British martial historians were later to praise Washington on his retreat; while his primary misjudgement had put his multitude in extremist peril, his stalwart leadership is ascribed using cutback the womanhood of his troops, which would have expected been massacred had it not been for Washington’s passing thoughts.

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